Businesses have become faster and distances across the globe shorter!

High profile business tours and incentive travel for groups & individuals is the ‘in thing’ today. Today’s businesses face challenges like intense competition and fulfilling the expectations of the ever changing customer requirements. Travel forms a significant function in today’s corporate world and leisure activities. The customer also expects professional and personalized services in true value for their money. The jet-setting new generation business professionals rely more on business travel with many business deals being clinched as an outcome of business tours.

Al Mulla Travel & Tourism stands for true professional travel management for the growth of your business. With access to different airlines and destinations, the Corporate Travel Division offers personalized services, multiple options & time saving itineraries with tangible savings!

We only employ qualified and experienced senior account managers. This certainly makes a difference to the efficiency & professional travel management your business will receive. We are proud to say that Al Mulla Travels offers stable customer relationships and the added security of knowing your business is in a long-term partnership.

Significant client savings are achieved through comprehensive travel solutions. Many customers like you have reposed their faith in our pioneering solutions for Travel Management, which bears testimony of our uncompromising ability to handle the complex requirements of travel.

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